Honey, Does This Hammer Make Me Look Fat?

A key aspect of spiritual growth is the ability to look at yourself and admit where you need to grow. Are you happy with whom you are being, or is there some aspect that needs to be different in order for you to be true to yourself?


Honest self-inquiry can lead to opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. However, too much of a good thing turns negative – so being overly critical of where you are in your journey leads to self-judgment and guilt – which is a step backward on the path. Self-inquiry needs to be balanced with self-love and acceptance to be productive. How you approach this self-examination is a matter of perspective that can be understood as part of the inner conflict of trying to balance the masculine and feminine aspects of our personality.


We can look at the world from the standpoint of our masculine nature or our feminine nature.   Just like the differences in Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, there is often an internal conflict because each half of our mind considers different things to be important. Part of us is from Mars and part of us is from Venus. Ideally, we use both halves of our mind and come to an informed perspective for the situation at hand. In reality, most of us tend to think predominantly with half of our mind, which is like thinking with half a brain.


Masculine thinking is often called left brain thinking, and it emphasizes the ability of the intellect to focus on one thing. This allows us to do problem solving, and to look for ways that something could be different in the future. The masculine mind asks “What is possible?” This is the source of all change in the world, but if over-emphasized, we can tend to see “problems” that don’t exist. Not everything that can change should change.


Feminine thinking is often called right brain thinking, because the right brain is more connected with the heart. Feminine thinking looks for harmony and ways to make do with what is. The feminine asks if a change will be good for our heart and good for our relationship with ourselves and others. The feminine mind asks “What is appropriate?” This helps us to see which changes will move us closer to our hearts and to our spiritual connection.


Embracing both sides of the mind allows us to see that while change and growth is appropriate, the ability to accept yourself as perfect today is just as important. Balancing the masculine and feminine brain and mind helps us to balance self-inquiry with self-love. We are at the perfect place in our journey today, and we can be closer to our true self tomorrow!


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Ask Dr. Ka’imi

One of Ka’imi’s students asked: What do you do differently if you’ve treated an energetic block and it comes back? How do you deal with stubborn patterns of energy blocks? 

This is exactly the reason that we focus on a “top-down” approach. (i.e. working from a spiritual level first that will then affect the physical). Chinese Medicine says that the root of all disease is disconnection from the Tao or Universal Consciousness. We look at that first and how it impacts the spirit of the person, then the mind and then the physical follow. The mind controls the nervous system and energy systems, so rather than just balancing the physical, we have a lot of techniques for balancing the mind and spirit as well the body. If someone is stuck in their connection to the Tao, their beliefs or expectations will remain stuck and thus their energy will remain stuck. This is why our “top-down” approach is so effective at making lasting change and transforming long-term issues.


Another great question from a reader: What is the relationship of the chakras and the meridians in traditional acupuncture theory?

Chakra theory emphasizes the understanding and balancing of these major energy centers as a key to promoting mind-body wellness.   In Acupuncture, we are also balancing the body but we balance the meridians, and therefore the body, via the acupuncture points. Each chakra does have a correspondence to an acupuncture point. Another correspondence is that every acupuncture point can also be considered a minor chakra.

Sometimes when I am balancing a chakra, I get an intuitive hit that I should also bring in the accumulated wisdom of acupuncture theory to add awareness to what is being balanced. Chakra theory also has a concept to the flow of energy or consciousness. This is a similar concept to the flow of energy or Qi in the meridians, although different flows or pathways are emphasized in the two theories.


Do you have questions, or want to hear more from Dr. Ka’imi? Are you interested in exploring healing training for yourself, or as a practitioner? Visit our website, and don’t hesitate to contact us at office@futuremedicinetoday.com or by calling 303.442.5222.

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Don’t Chuck the Baby Out with the Bathwater

Use the best of the old and the new. Apply the wisdom of ancient healing masters, and tradition combined with the latest developments in neuroscience, modern techniques and quantum physics. Be open to the latest ideas and new discoveries. Discoveries and ideas move fast in the 21st Century.

Principle: Different wisdom is delivered for different times but the old wisdom is still valid – we need to use the synthesis of Ancient Wisdom and modern techniques for powerful results.

Tip: Our healing schools provide a solid foundation for learning important aspects of both Accunect and Chinese Medicine.

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Ask Dr. Ka’imi

One of my students asked: You say we are all connected but there are a lot of bad things in the world I don’t want to be connected to. Can you explain a bit more about this concept?

When we have had trauma in our life, or we have seen a lot of darkness, we want to shut down and to block out part of the world, part of our self or our experience.  We do this so we don’t experience more pain.  The problem is that we can’t shut out the unpleasant without also shutting out the positive and the divine. We block joy to avoid feeling the pain.  The resistance to feeling what we call “negative” feelings only creates more pain from feeling alienated and separate. There are things we don’t like in life: danger, fear, anger and malice.  There is also tremendous beauty, love and grace.  Accepting we are connected to all of these things good and bad allows us to bring deep joy into our lives.  Through acceptance and non-judgment, we can be present to everything, letting go of the past, and living in the joy of being present in the moment and in the NOW.


Discover what homeopathic schools can offer you by taking a course through Future Medicine Today. You will learn to experience the divine, recognize beauty and love, and feel connected to your true self.

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Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff. Do Things that Make you Laugh

Be childlike, playful and open so you can open your heart. Have fun with art, play with children and allow yourself to be less serious once in a while. Allow your mind the space to find outside the box creative, intuitive, solutions.

Principle: Keep it easy and fun so that you are in an open hearted space, conducive for healing. Play stimulates more of the brain and mind complex than effort. All the great insights and inventions of history have happened during relaxation and play time.

Tip: Alternative therapies in health and medicine allow you to open up and embrace playfulness.

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Accunect: Pushing the Possibilities of Well-Being

We have taught Accunect to several hundred students since the first course in September 2011 and the response has been amazing. Many of you have written to tell us how Accunect has transformed your life and your sessions. I want to share some of my thoughts and experiences after teaching Accunect for almost two years.


People often comment on how easy it is to learn and practice Accunect. They are amazed that they are very comfortable with Accunect and confident to use it Monday morning. This has been very gratifying because we set out to create a system that could be used effectively by everyone.


Non-practitioners get a huge transformation from learning and practicing Accunect, and are confident to use it on themselves, family, and in their life immediately. Busy professionals are able to immediately integrate Accunect into their practice because it is so fast and easy – we’ve had so many testimonials about how Accunect has made a dramatic difference in people’s practices the day after a course – their clients get off the table saying that it was really powerful, that they don’t know exactly what was different, but they just feel happy.


People who haven’t taken Accunect wonder, “CAN IT REALLY BE THAT EASY?” and if they can really learn it in a weekend. Much of our programming from our culture and conventional medicine gives us the idea that healing is hard. But, that is just an idea and that idea is about to change!   Accunect represents a new consciousness for healing that is in time with the modern age. It is time for the world to embrace healing and transformation in a faster, easier, more feminine way.


Accunect is easy because it leverages on the basic principles of healing. All healing begins in the heart. The frequencies generated by the heart regulate the nervous system, meridian system, even genetic programming at a cellular level. For lasting change to occur, we have to connect to ourselves and others at a heart level. In the heart, we know we are connected to each other, to universal consciousness, to our True Self and to God. That is why we call our first class Connect.


The experience of taking Accunect connects people to their true self to bring in feminine energy to be present. We use sacred geometry to shift your consciousness to a state of expanded possibility where powerful transformation is possible. This brings energy and awareness to the heart center and shifts consciousness and perception to a feminine state of receiving: receiving intuition, possibility and miracles.


The Accunect system has been refined and distilled to make it simple to learn, and this allows the thinking mind to relax. This keeps you in your heart not your head, opening up intuition, and allowing the feminine energy to create instant transformation. The total experience is as much an unlearning as it is learning – people are unlearning all the teaching that keeps them separate so that they can remember and experience their connection.


My personal experience of teaching Accunect has been amazing. There’s a lot of practice time where students give and receive sessions so that they can transform their own health and consciousness during the class. The practice time also gives tremendous confidence in the ability to do Accunect balancing after a course. During these practice times, there is a felt sense of joy in the room as everyone experiences being in their heart, connected to their true self, and watching miracles. I often find myself in a state of euphoria just watching students practice.


I can’t begin to say how rewarding it is to teach a powerful healing system that everyone “gets” right away. Countless students have told me how my “easy” approach empowered them to practice energy work and witness miracles. One testimonial from an Accunect student really touched my heart: she realized during the course that she felt powerful shifts during every practice time – that every student was “getting” it and that everybody could learn to do healing!


To learn more about Accunect and other holistic nutrition programs, visit our website, or give us a call at 303.442.5222. We are committed to helping people experience their connection to each other and to universal consciousness to facilitate their spiritual growth and to promote healing ability.

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Observe the Useful Things to Change and See Solutions Rather than Problems

Judgments keep you from seeing possibilities rather than potential. Love yourself and others and know that there is a perfect time for everything. Learning to see what is ready to change rather than what is wrong is a useful tool that allows for more acceptance and less attachment.

Principle: Observe the Potential. Observation of what is ready to change creates the potential for a new reality.

Tip: Healing training can help you see what’s ready to shift or change, rather than what’s wrong.

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Ask Dr. Ka’imi

A Chinese Medicine Student Asked:  How does the Liver ‘move’ and how does this affect us?  

This statement comes from Chinese Medicine theory. The Liver is responsible for spreading Qi around the body.  This keeps everything in the body moving: energy, blood, food, and emotions. When these things get stuck it leads to physical and emotional pain. The Liver is said to “move us” which ensures that we are moving forward on our life path. When the Liver is weak, we feel stuck in life and suffer emotional depression due to lack of movement.


If you’re interested in learning more about Chinese Medicine theory, visit the ‘Healing’ and ‘Training’ pages on our website. You’ll receive a plethora of information related to alternative therapies in health and medicine, as well as techniques you can implement in your life now.

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Remember your Connection to Universal Consciousness – Connect to Your True Self

Feel peace, joy and calmness and know that you are part of the world around you. Meditation, some forms of yoga, Accunect sacred geometry, singing in a choir, being with nature, doing intentional washing up, surfing, breathing and truly having a hug will all help you to feel part of the whole and one with the universe.

Principle: Everyone is connected to Universal Consciousness, the Zero Point Field, and the Tao. Forgetting that you are connected can lead to stress and disease in your life.

Tip: Contact Future Medicine Today to learn how you can bring the above mentioned practices into your daily life by attending one of our healing seminars.

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Ask Dr. Ka’imi

Many of our readers asked: Where does the name Accunect come from?   Accunect draws heavily on Chinese Medicine theory.  The “Accu” comes from acupuncture, honoring that long tradition of wisdom.


The ‘u’ in the middle refers to ‘you’.  You connecting to your true self.  When your body heals itself, nobody else has to do anything – the practitioner OBSERVES and is in their heart, being present and in the moment.  The sessions are tailor-made for you through the health map.


The “nect” part comes from “Connect”, based on an important core principle of Chinese Medicine and Accunect that all disease is derived from loss of spiritual connection. These are all important principles in Accunect.


If you’re interested in exploring the practice of Accunect, visit the ‘Healing’ and ‘Training’ pages on our website. You’ll receive a plethora of information related to alternative therapies in health and medicine, as well as techniques you can implement in your life now.

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