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What can and can’t you safely say when clients ask “How many sessions will it take?”

Healing Training - Future Medicine TodayNobody else (doctors, physio’s, etc.) can say for sure when someone will get better, and it is unethical to try and create a kind of guru mentality when it comes to the practitioner-client relationship, which is unhealthy for everybody involved.  This will eventually lead to the guru falling off the pedestal and then the client will have to heal about that also.  I think a more useful and truthful approach is to tell new clients that most people notice some change after the first session.  I ask that people commit to three sessions at weekly intervals, or shorter, to start with.  I say that many conditions will completely resolve after just a few sessions but many will take longer, but let’s review their progress after three sessions.  If a proper intake form is used, and you use your evaluation skills with the intake form, you will mostly see measurable results and changes after the first session.  They may need more sessions for complete relief which may be weekly or spaced out to two week or monthly intervals after the initial series of three.

Finally, you should always mention that after their initial complaint has been addressed, many clients decide to have regular maintenance sessions monthly or every six weeks for ongoing health and well-being.

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