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CHealing Training - FMTan you use muscle checking to find out when a client will get better?

I do not recommend using muscle-checking as a way to predict the outcome for clients, as it is too likely that a practitioners filters will preclude an accurate answer.  If you get it wrong, and give a specific promise, you destroy their trust in you as a practitioner and in Accunect.   It is very disempowering to a clients healing process to use muscle checking as a kind of parlor trick.  Trust their body’s ability to heal and that they will have the healing process they need to have.  It is not for us to know the exact time down to the hours and minutes.  Using this kind of questioning also gives the practitioner a false sense of grandeur and control which impacts on the dynamic of the client practitioner dynamic and thus the healing process.   Muscle-checking is a very useful tool, but should not be abused by trying to predict the future about anything.

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