Ask Dr. Ka’imi

One of my students asked: You say we are all connected but there are a lot of bad things in the world I don’t want to be connected to. Can you explain a bit more about this concept?

When we have had trauma in our life, or we have seen a lot of darkness, we want to shut down and to block out part of the world, part of our self or our experience.  We do this so we don’t experience more pain.  The problem is that we can’t shut out the unpleasant without also shutting out the positive and the divine. We block joy to avoid feeling the pain.  The resistance to feeling what we call “negative” feelings only creates more pain from feeling alienated and separate. There are things we don’t like in life: danger, fear, anger and malice.  There is also tremendous beauty, love and grace.  Accepting we are connected to all of these things good and bad allows us to bring deep joy into our lives.  Through acceptance and non-judgment, we can be present to everything, letting go of the past, and living in the joy of being present in the moment and in the NOW.


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