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One of Ka’imi’s students asked: What do you do differently if you’ve treated an energetic block and it comes back? How do you deal with stubborn patterns of energy blocks? 

This is exactly the reason that we focus on a “top-down” approach. (i.e. working from a spiritual level first that will then affect the physical). Chinese Medicine says that the root of all disease is disconnection from the Tao or Universal Consciousness. We look at that first and how it impacts the spirit of the person, then the mind and then the physical follow. The mind controls the nervous system and energy systems, so rather than just balancing the physical, we have a lot of techniques for balancing the mind and spirit as well the body. If someone is stuck in their connection to the Tao, their beliefs or expectations will remain stuck and thus their energy will remain stuck. This is why our “top-down” approach is so effective at making lasting change and transforming long-term issues.


Another great question from a reader: What is the relationship of the chakras and the meridians in traditional acupuncture theory?

Chakra theory emphasizes the understanding and balancing of these major energy centers as a key to promoting mind-body wellness.   In Acupuncture, we are also balancing the body but we balance the meridians, and therefore the body, via the acupuncture points. Each chakra does have a correspondence to an acupuncture point. Another correspondence is that every acupuncture point can also be considered a minor chakra.

Sometimes when I am balancing a chakra, I get an intuitive hit that I should also bring in the accumulated wisdom of acupuncture theory to add awareness to what is being balanced. Chakra theory also has a concept to the flow of energy or consciousness. This is a similar concept to the flow of energy or Qi in the meridians, although different flows or pathways are emphasized in the two theories.


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