Ask Dr. Ka’imi

Many of our readers asked: Where does the name Accunect come from?   Accunect draws heavily on Chinese Medicine theory.  The “Accu” comes from acupuncture, honoring that long tradition of wisdom.


The ‘u’ in the middle refers to ‘you’.  You connecting to your true self.  When your body heals itself, nobody else has to do anything – the practitioner OBSERVES and is in their heart, being present and in the moment.  The sessions are tailor-made for you through the health map.


The “nect” part comes from “Connect”, based on an important core principle of Chinese Medicine and Accunect that all disease is derived from loss of spiritual connection. These are all important principles in Accunect.


If you’re interested in exploring the practice of Accunect, visit the ‘Healing’ and ‘Training’ pages on our website. You’ll receive a plethora of information related to alternative therapies in health and medicine, as well as techniques you can implement in your life now.

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