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Ask Dr. Ka’imi

Can you use muscle checking to find out when a client will get better? I do not recommend using muscle-checking as a way to predict the outcome for clients, as it is too likely that a practitioners filters will preclude … Continue reading

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Knowing the Pros and Cons of Muscle Checking

It is important to understand the pros and cons of muscle checking when you use it as part of your healing modality.  When asking yes/no questions with muscle checking about a client or somebody you are doing a session with, … Continue reading

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Who, Me?

Enlightenment is the easiest thing in the universe – you are already one with everything, you just don’t know it. ~ Ramesh Balsekar A lot of studies about energy healing and the power of thought have focused on people with … Continue reading

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Angry? Why Not?

All of the emotions play a necessary role in our life, and our challenge is to learn to express all of them well. Imbalanced emotional expression is one of the primary causes of both physical and psychological disease in Chinese … Continue reading

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