From Winter to Spring

Alternative Therapies in Health and MedicineEach of the seasons correspond to one of the Chinese Five Elements and the associated movements of contraction and expansion for each element capture our stages of psychological expression. Wood corresponds to spring and represents rebirth, re-growth and new beginnings. Wood is an expansive energy that brings us out of the contracted nature of winter which corresponds to Water. Just as trees contract their resources in winter, we need a time for processing the events of the previous year and taking stock of our lives. Water represents death and an opportunity to let outdated behavior patterns drop just as the trees drop their leaves in order to grow again.

This is the time to embrace new challenges, including challenging ourselves to taking better care of bodies and spirits. So many people make New Year’s resolutions that they break almost immediately – because it is the wrong time to make big changes. Now is the time for new projects and dietary changes, as spring is the time for new beginnings. What can you change this spring? What can you reach for that is rightfully yours? Now is the time to embrace yourself, others and new projects.

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