Honey, Does This Hammer Make Me Look Fat?

A key aspect of spiritual growth is the ability to look at yourself and admit where you need to grow. Are you happy with whom you are being, or is there some aspect that needs to be different in order for you to be true to yourself?


Honest self-inquiry can lead to opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. However, too much of a good thing turns negative – so being overly critical of where you are in your journey leads to self-judgment and guilt – which is a step backward on the path. Self-inquiry needs to be balanced with self-love and acceptance to be productive. How you approach this self-examination is a matter of perspective that can be understood as part of the inner conflict of trying to balance the masculine and feminine aspects of our personality.


We can look at the world from the standpoint of our masculine nature or our feminine nature.   Just like the differences in Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, there is often an internal conflict because each half of our mind considers different things to be important. Part of us is from Mars and part of us is from Venus. Ideally, we use both halves of our mind and come to an informed perspective for the situation at hand. In reality, most of us tend to think predominantly with half of our mind, which is like thinking with half a brain.


Masculine thinking is often called left brain thinking, and it emphasizes the ability of the intellect to focus on one thing. This allows us to do problem solving, and to look for ways that something could be different in the future. The masculine mind asks “What is possible?” This is the source of all change in the world, but if over-emphasized, we can tend to see “problems” that don’t exist. Not everything that can change should change.


Feminine thinking is often called right brain thinking, because the right brain is more connected with the heart. Feminine thinking looks for harmony and ways to make do with what is. The feminine asks if a change will be good for our heart and good for our relationship with ourselves and others. The feminine mind asks “What is appropriate?” This helps us to see which changes will move us closer to our hearts and to our spiritual connection.


Embracing both sides of the mind allows us to see that while change and growth is appropriate, the ability to accept yourself as perfect today is just as important. Balancing the masculine and feminine brain and mind helps us to balance self-inquiry with self-love. We are at the perfect place in our journey today, and we can be closer to our true self tomorrow!


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