How Do I Get More Intuition?

I’m often asked “how can I develop my right brain?” What they really mean is “how can I develop my intuition?” The full answer to this question requires an understanding of where intuition comes from. Once the principles are understood, the steps to developing better intuition are pretty easy.

The first part of the answer is that your right brain is already directly connected to all of the information in the universe. So no development of the right brain is really necessary; everything you want to know is already inside you! The trick is being able to access what you already know. “How come some people are more intuitive than others?” I hear you say. The answer is that we thankfully have a filtering mechanism that keeps all of the information in our subconscious from flooding our conscious mind. It’s hard enough to keep track of what I have to do, if I could hear everyone else’s thoughts I would go crazy with overwhelm. The goal is to get useful information from the infinite reservoir (of information) while still filtering out the ‘noise.’

Having a good protocol of questions is useful. But the quality of your answers are still subject to the limitations of your thinking mind. The left-brain generates doubt and adds extra questions like “was that really a yes?” The left-brain also went to school and ‘knows’ that your senses only extend so far: you can’t see around corners, you can’t hear through a thick wall, etc. Your left-brain knows thousands of reasons why you can’t be intuitive and will try to trip you up.

This is one of the reasons that I did a study on distance sessions in 2010 with the Center for Biofield Research in India. I wanted to offer some objective evidence that information could be gathered intuitively at a distance. I had no interaction with any of the test subjects, but I was still able to ask questions about them and do useful balancing sessions. The only possible source of information was that my right-brain had access to information in the universal energy field, or collective consciousness.

One of the reasons I teach Accunect is that it has a useful way of asking questions that lead to useful answers. This helps prove to yourself that your consciousness is connected to universal consciousness one session at a time. Of course, your conscious mind will get in the way, but over time the evidence accumulates that you are getting answers and results that your left brain could not have possibly figured out. The only possible conclusion is that you are connected to All That Is.  When this sinks in, you stop worrying so much and you relax. And then your intuition really opens up.

The real answer to developing your intuition is to relax.  You’re already connected to universal knowledge and All That Is. Your conscious mind can’t perceive that connection so give it something to do, like following a protocol. This allows your right brain to prove that you’ve always been intuitive.

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