Knowing the Pros and Cons of Muscle Checking

Healing Seminars - FMTIt is important to understand the pros and cons of muscle checking when you use it as part of your healing modality.  When asking yes/no questions with muscle checking about a client or somebody you are doing a session with, you are not really testing anything or anyone, you are using a tool to access intuitive answers about them.  In Accunect, you are asking what on the health map is ready to shift; in other modalities you may be asking other questions.

Answers in any modality can be somewhat suspect, because they come through the practitioner’s filters, their ability to be present and ability to ask the right questions. Until a practitioner accepts this subjectivity, getting answers can be dangerous – because if they think they are testing something other than their own intuition, they can be inclined to prescribe or give advice outside the scope of their practice, skills and training, such as prescribing herbs or supplements.

For practitioners who use muscle checking in their healing modality, I recommend asking questions out loud with new clients as part of the first session.  In Accunect, also showing clients the health map is useful so they are clear that there is a methodical process to their balancing and healing.

Muscle checking is a wonderful tool but it is important to respect its limitations.  For more information on healing seminars, please visit our website:

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