Balance your Perceptions & Beliefs to Make a Lasting Change in Life and Health

Use Accunect, personal development, and coaching to shift your beliefs and perceptions. Do something to push the limits of what you would normally do and open yourself up to new challenges and new ways of thinking. Change your perception of yourself, what’s possible and the world around you.

Principle: Perceptions and beliefs create our reality, our physiology, and the functioning of our body on all levels.

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Ask Dr. Ka’imi

CHealing Training - FMTan you use muscle checking to find out when a client will get better?

I do not recommend using muscle-checking as a way to predict the outcome for clients, as it is too likely that a practitioners filters will preclude an accurate answer.  If you get it wrong, and give a specific promise, you destroy their trust in you as a practitioner and in Accunect.   It is very disempowering to a clients healing process to use muscle checking as a kind of parlor trick.  Trust their body’s ability to heal and that they will have the healing process they need to have.  It is not for us to know the exact time down to the hours and minutes.  Using this kind of questioning also gives the practitioner a false sense of grandeur and control which impacts on the dynamic of the client practitioner dynamic and thus the healing process.   Muscle-checking is a very useful tool, but should not be abused by trying to predict the future about anything.

Do you have other specific questions about healing training? Please contact me:

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The Chinese Five Elements as a Metaphor for Life

Healing Schools - Future Medicine TodayFive Element theory provides many metaphors for understanding life’s processes and the ebbs and flows of the cycles of life.

Accunect supplies the tools to use Chinese Five Element theory, and to bring balance to your physical health, emotional issues and life concerns in a dynamic way.  For example, in a healing practice, balancing the Five Elements is one of the most powerful ways to truly open up the breathing cycle by positively impacting all aspects of the cranial sacral system.  Better breathing in turn improves your ability to reach out and breathe in (take in) life and take what is rightfully yours, so you can live life fully.

Chinese Five Element theory adds instantly to understanding your life and your health on another level.

To discover more about Healing with Chinese Five Elements and alternative therapies in health and medicine, go to

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Ask Dr. Ka’imi

What can and can’t you safely say when clients ask “How many sessions will it take?”

Healing Training - Future Medicine TodayNobody else (doctors, physio’s, etc.) can say for sure when someone will get better, and it is unethical to try and create a kind of guru mentality when it comes to the practitioner-client relationship, which is unhealthy for everybody involved.  This will eventually lead to the guru falling off the pedestal and then the client will have to heal about that also.  I think a more useful and truthful approach is to tell new clients that most people notice some change after the first session.  I ask that people commit to three sessions at weekly intervals, or shorter, to start with.  I say that many conditions will completely resolve after just a few sessions but many will take longer, but let’s review their progress after three sessions.  If a proper intake form is used, and you use your evaluation skills with the intake form, you will mostly see measurable results and changes after the first session.  They may need more sessions for complete relief which may be weekly or spaced out to two week or monthly intervals after the initial series of three.

Finally, you should always mention that after their initial complaint has been addressed, many clients decide to have regular maintenance sessions monthly or every six weeks for ongoing health and well-being.

Do you have other specific questions about healing training? Please contact me:

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Knowing the Pros and Cons of Muscle Checking

Healing Seminars - FMTIt is important to understand the pros and cons of muscle checking when you use it as part of your healing modality.  When asking yes/no questions with muscle checking about a client or somebody you are doing a session with, you are not really testing anything or anyone, you are using a tool to access intuitive answers about them.  In Accunect, you are asking what on the health map is ready to shift; in other modalities you may be asking other questions.

Answers in any modality can be somewhat suspect, because they come through the practitioner’s filters, their ability to be present and ability to ask the right questions. Until a practitioner accepts this subjectivity, getting answers can be dangerous – because if they think they are testing something other than their own intuition, they can be inclined to prescribe or give advice outside the scope of their practice, skills and training, such as prescribing herbs or supplements.

For practitioners who use muscle checking in their healing modality, I recommend asking questions out loud with new clients as part of the first session.  In Accunect, also showing clients the health map is useful so they are clear that there is a methodical process to their balancing and healing.

Muscle checking is a wonderful tool but it is important to respect its limitations.  For more information on healing seminars, please visit our website:

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From Winter to Spring

Alternative Therapies in Health and MedicineEach of the seasons correspond to one of the Chinese Five Elements and the associated movements of contraction and expansion for each element capture our stages of psychological expression. Wood corresponds to spring and represents rebirth, re-growth and new beginnings. Wood is an expansive energy that brings us out of the contracted nature of winter which corresponds to Water. Just as trees contract their resources in winter, we need a time for processing the events of the previous year and taking stock of our lives. Water represents death and an opportunity to let outdated behavior patterns drop just as the trees drop their leaves in order to grow again.

This is the time to embrace new challenges, including challenging ourselves to taking better care of bodies and spirits. So many people make New Year’s resolutions that they break almost immediately – because it is the wrong time to make big changes. Now is the time for new projects and dietary changes, as spring is the time for new beginnings. What can you change this spring? What can you reach for that is rightfully yours? Now is the time to embrace yourself, others and new projects.

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Spring Clean Your Spiritual Path

The role of the human being is to stand on Earth and reach for Heaven, and the consciousness of the Wood element which correlates to spring in Chinese Medicine, is to constantly reach for heaven. Spring offers the occasion for a renewed commitment to one’s spiritual path and to growth.

Alternative Therapies in Health & MedicineThis understanding is reflected in the celebrations and festivals that accompany spring. The theme of many traditional spring rituals involves the symbolic throwing off of the chains that constrict our freedoms, embracing a renewed resolution to our journey of self-discovery. The celebration of Easter takes place at the start of the Northern Hemisphere spring and the same message is evident: in the Christian tradition, Easter symbolizes a death to our old ways, embracing a fresh commitment to our own divine connection.

Spring is also a time for improving boundaries – how could you shift internally to improve your boundaries, your relationships, and your life?  Use the energy of the Wood element and of spring for spring cleaning your life, getting rid of the old and creating space for the new.

To discover more about Healing with Chinese Five Elements and alternative therapies in health and medicine, go to

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Using Muscle Checking and Connecting to Intuition as a Meditation for Healing

Healing Seminars - Future Medicine TodayWe should see our relationship with our intuition and ask questions using muscle checking like we do in Accunect with awe and mystery.  It is not something we can label, put in a box, and hence control.  When our intellect thinks too much about it, it is gone.  If we try to think too much about it or analyze anything, the moment is lost.

When we are present, we are in the moment, in the now, and totally at one with everything.  It’s when everything slows down and you can pinpoint each second and are aware of everything.  It’s similar to what happens in meditation.  There are first moments of clarity, connection to everything and no thoughts. Then the analysis, thoughts and labels can pop in, like the thoughts in meditation: “Oh I am in the moment, what does it feel like, there are no thoughts.”  Those thoughts and analysis take us out of being present and in that connection state with everything.

There is a need to have humility in our healing sessions for them to be truly effective, and this is true for all modalities.  Our ability to be truly humble opens us up to greater clarity.  Once the practitioner is really clear that with muscle checking they are asking their own intuitive process, rather than the yes/no questions, they can relax and become more present and in the moment, adding power to their healing sessions.

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How Do I Get More Intuition?

I’m often asked “how can I develop my right brain?” What they really mean is “how can I develop my intuition?” The full answer to this question requires an understanding of where intuition comes from. Once the principles are understood, the steps to developing better intuition are pretty easy.

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Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Do you worry too much? Life just gets busier and busier, and we all have lots of things to think about. How can you stop worrying and be happy?

A better question is what are you worrying about? This is an issue that comes up over and over in my practice. We have to worry about some things, but when we worry about the wrong things we can make ourselves sick. In Chinese Medicine theory, imbalanced emotional expression is a primary cause of physical and psychological disease. In my clinical practice helping my clients understand the roles that emotions play in their lives is a big part in helping them on their healing path.

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