Spring Clean Your Spiritual Path

The role of the human being is to stand on Earth and reach for Heaven, and the consciousness of the Wood element which correlates to spring in Chinese Medicine, is to constantly reach for heaven. Spring offers the occasion for a renewed commitment to one’s spiritual path and to growth.

Alternative Therapies in Health & MedicineThis understanding is reflected in the celebrations and festivals that accompany spring. The theme of many traditional spring rituals involves the symbolic throwing off of the chains that constrict our freedoms, embracing a renewed resolution to our journey of self-discovery. The celebration of Easter takes place at the start of the Northern Hemisphere spring and the same message is evident: in the Christian tradition, Easter symbolizes a death to our old ways, embracing a fresh commitment to our own divine connection.

Spring is also a time for improving boundaries – how could you shift internally to improve your boundaries, your relationships, and your life?  Use the energy of the Wood element and of spring for spring cleaning your life, getting rid of the old and creating space for the new.

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