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Knowing the Pros and Cons of Muscle Checking

It is important to understand the pros and cons of muscle checking when you use it as part of your healing modality.  When asking yes/no questions with muscle checking about a client or somebody you are doing a session with, … Continue reading

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Using Muscle Checking and Connecting to Intuition as a Meditation for Healing

We should see our relationship with our intuition and ask questions using muscle checking like we do in Accunect with awe and mystery.  It is not something we can label, put in a box, and hence control.  When our intellect … Continue reading

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How Do I Get More Intuition?

I’m often asked “how can I develop my right brain?” What they really mean is “how can I develop my intuition?” The full answer to this question requires an understanding of where intuition comes from. Once the principles are understood, … Continue reading

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