Using Muscle Checking and Connecting to Intuition as a Meditation for Healing

Healing Seminars - Future Medicine TodayWe should see our relationship with our intuition and ask questions using muscle checking like we do in Accunect with awe and mystery.  It is not something we can label, put in a box, and hence control.  When our intellect thinks too much about it, it is gone.  If we try to think too much about it or analyze anything, the moment is lost.

When we are present, we are in the moment, in the now, and totally at one with everything.  It’s when everything slows down and you can pinpoint each second and are aware of everything.  It’s similar to what happens in meditation.  There are first moments of clarity, connection to everything and no thoughts. Then the analysis, thoughts and labels can pop in, like the thoughts in meditation: “Oh I am in the moment, what does it feel like, there are no thoughts.”  Those thoughts and analysis take us out of being present and in that connection state with everything.

There is a need to have humility in our healing sessions for them to be truly effective, and this is true for all modalities.  Our ability to be truly humble opens us up to greater clarity.  Once the practitioner is really clear that with muscle checking they are asking their own intuitive process, rather than the yes/no questions, they can relax and become more present and in the moment, adding power to their healing sessions.

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