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How It Works


The practitioner finds areas in the body that need to be addressed. This may be a physical area: an organ or an area of the spine or the immune sytem. There could be a mental or emotional factor causing stress, such as a memory or a limiting belief system. Other areas of focus could include an environmental factor or a blockage in the acupuncture meridian system. Any number of these issues will impact the ability of the body to function at optimal levels.


The practitioner holds the areas that have been highlighted and gently taps over the brain and over the heart. This will increase nerve function, blood supply, and lymph flow in those areas.  As well as redirecting awareness on all levels of the mind, body and spirit of the person. In the case of a memory or emotion the whole mind body system will reduce the charge around that issue. Tapping on the heart ensures the new information is stored throughout the whole body, by encoding the changes in the heart’s electrical field, allowing lasting improvements in function.


As the body becomes aware of areas of imbalance, it naturally redirects resources to those areas. The body’s systems move from fight or flight (stress) mode to parasympathetic (healing) mode. There is a return to normal balance and wellness on all levels - physical, mental, and emotional.

Your Unique Body Story

When stress occurs the body becomes less efficient at healing itself. This causes illness and disease on all levels - mind, body and spirit. We can find out where the body is functioning inefficiently due to stress using a gentle muscle-checking technique. Using gentle balancing techniques, the body’s internal awareness is redirected to focus on these areas and facilitate the body’s return to balance.

Clinical results have shown that this method of healing helps the nervous system to focus better on all systems within the body. As the body becomes aware of the areas that have previously been ignored, balance is re-established.

The body is then capable of improving its function on all levels with lasting results.

 How It Works

Basic Principles

 What It Helps

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Basic Principles

The body has a natural ability to heal itself and is constantly striving for balance. We are always healing: everyday billions of cells are made to replace old or damaged cells.


When the body becomes overloaded with stress  such as emotional trauma, surgery, accidents, infections or environmental toxins  it goes into overdrive. Valuable resources are taken away from regeneration or healing.   The body becomes inefficient and poor health follows.

Balancing will enable the body to redirect focus of resources such as blood supply, oxygen, nutrients, nerve supply to the area’s where they are needed. This enables the body to return to health.

Developed to access the patient’s own inborn, healing ability to achieve faster and more effective results.

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