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Accunect™ Appointments with Founders Ka’imi & Sarah

Sarah Simonis is Co-Founder and Developer of Accunect™ and other personal and professional develop-ment courses. Sarah has over 25 years experience in the field of complimentary healing, personal development, coaching and conscious awareness development. She was previously a BodyTalk Access Instructor. Her experience working with feminine healing energy is an integral part of Accunect. She co teaches the Accunect Instructor and Accunect Self Care Instructor program.

Sarah grew up amongst many healers and has been fortunate to learn some of her skills from ancient cultures and master teachers. She studied Chinese Medicine at the European Shiatsu School, Tuina, Thai Massage and a number of Mind Body Energy Medicine modalities. Sarah has heightened intuition and works with clients at a core level.  They experience deep changes in life, health and relationships. “I work with my clients allowing gentle unfolding and alignment of mind, body and spirit. Leaving them the freedom  to experience health as a true expression of who they are.”

Sarah has a special interest in working with women, helping them connect to their own  inner truth, power and wisdom.  

Accunect Founder, Shiatsu, Energy Medicine, Life & Business Coach.

Sarah Simonis CAP. SAI.


Dr. Pilipovich has over 20 years experience in the field of health care. He is the Co-Founder of Accunect and its courses. His treatments draw on this extensive experience, include-ing Acupuncture, ManualTherapy, Chinese Medicine and Oriental Bodywork.  Previously an advanced Senior BodyTalk Instructor with the International BodyTalk Association, he also served as Vice President a number of years. He is a former faculty member at the Traditional Chinese Medical College of Hawaii, and a Certified Shiatsu-Anma Instructor.

Dr. Pilipovich travels extensively teaching practicioners and training new instructors in the field of energy medicine and healing. He has taught over 5,000 students worldwide, and treated over 25,000 clients.  He currently teaches Accunect to Practitioners and Instructors around the world.  His focus in practice is the Ancient Wisdom of Chinese Medicine for the world we live in today.

Dr. Don Ka’imi Pilipovich DAc.LMT CAP. SAI.

Accunect Founder, Acupuncture Physician, Oriental Bodywork Therapist, Energy Medicine.

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At the start of the consultation you will go through a thorough intake with your practitioner.  We will send you a short form that we ask you to complete prior to your appointment. After the intake we use your individual “Health Map” and muscle checking to find the correct order of balancing for you.  This unravels your individual healing process. The Health Map is a heart centred approach to your own journey to healing.  It helps the practitioner find what is ready to be balanced that day, and the sequence required for lasting change. Your session is taylored to you as an individual, taking into account all areas of your life health and wellbeing.  

There are many areas that may be highlighted for balancing during your session depending on your individual needs. Your balancing prescription could include working on musculo sketal issues or the functioning of the body systems and organs form a Western or Chinese Medicine perspective. It may also include releasing limiting beliefs, dissacosiating charge around emotion-ally traumatic events or clearing emotions that are effecting you. Physical injuries and environmental factors  can also be addressed. In essence the Health Map allows the practitioner to focus on any areas of your mind, body or spirit that need balancing.


Dr. Donald Ka’imi Pilipovich. In person or distant Accunect Sessions: $250

Sarah Simonis. Distant Accunect Sessions and Coaching: $150    

Phone & Skype Consultations

“Distance sessions” by Phone or Skype are available to international clients and to those who are unable to travel to the clinic.  These sessions make up a high percentage of Ka’imi and Sarah’s clients. You may see Dr Pilipovich in Person in Ridgefield, CT. Some people will travel for in person appointments but distant sessions are just as power-full. Appointments are fifty minutes in length.

“All my life I have suffered pangs of anxiety where I would get pangs of anxiety where I would get surge in my gut, followed by ‘butterflies’ in my tummy, and a sense of uneasiness and restlessness.  This has made even the simplest of daily task a huge source of stress for me.  I’ve also suffered lower back pain over the years.  After one session …the anxiety has gone.  My usual swollen looking sacro-illiac joint has relaxed completely.  The sense of calm is pretty unusual - but thoroughly exhilarating.  Thanks Ka’imi.”  KF South Africa

“I had been drifting from mild depression to deep depression for quite a while. ...Ka’imi found the sadness in my heart that was the source of my depression and (quite literally) pulled it out of me and threw it away. I have never experienced anything so emotionally powerful. I even had a very physical release as I could feel the 'sadness' pulled from my body like pulling a thousand tangled hairs from an old wool sweater. I would not have believed it if I hadn't experienced it myself….. My energy is back and is sustained all day. My focus/concentration and drive have returned. I am sleeping better and getting up earlier (even when I stay up late reading). But most importantly, I am joyful......Not only do I enjoy life more, but people (particularly my family) seem to like being around more as well.” C.C. Colorado USA

“Immediately after my session on Oct 28, I felt relief from the pressure I had in my head.  It took a couple of days before the heat at GV 20 and O/A joint subsided .....  Tinitus much better. ....  Sleep has improved. —  Have been able to fall back asleep 5 out of 6 nights.  I’m grateful for that ....  Depression has passed, thank goodness ...Sinuses much improved .....  Nasal drip decreased.”  JG, USA  

“I’ve been astounded at how my practice has changed after transitioning to Accunect as my primary modality, and how my patients have responded so positively. I really appreciate the energy that Ka’imi and Sarah have put into both the course and the modality – they have created a profoundly beneficial system that allows people to move forward in their life!” J.E. Energy Medicine LA

“I learned how to grow outside of my small self leaving behind some of my limiting beliefs, fears and doubts and expand into my bigger self, into my heart space where confidence, courage and  joy naturally flows. This was an amazing feeling. I learned techniques to help, me be fully present and most of all I met a fantastic group of people and together we evolved  out of our cocoons, spread our wings and turned into beautiful butterflies.  Thank you Kaimi and Sarah for the time and effort you put into this fantastic course…” Patricia Insley Instructor Training Course, Ireland

“In Accuenct Sarah and Kaimi have brought us a modality with so much depth and clarity and integrity …. I feel like a different woman after 2 days of balancing with Accuenct.” Sam McKinley/ Family Nurse practitioner/Kailua, HI USA

“I just cant thank Ka’imi  and Sarah enough …  It’s helped to raise my level of understanding and helped to throw light on overcoming some “right brain” blocks – simply and effectively.  For the first time – in a long time- I feel truly whole and connected in the head and heart!” Dianne Udy  Energy Practitioner NZ

“Your guidance to help balance my body, mind and spirit has been incredible.  What has amazed me the most is how my sight is coming back in my blind eye!! Also your guidance with how I control my intuition and deepen my spiritual connections has been very powerful.  It is astonishing what I now can see on all levels ;-) I deeply appreciate your incredible guidance and gift as a teacher.” A.M., Australia

“…. shed light on aspects of myself that I had ignored, felt ashamed of and “kept in the dark” for years. I’m now busier in my practice and less frightened and suspicious of other people, and in general a lot more comfortable being me!”  L.P. USA

“.... I felt weighed down with the sadness & frustration of life's recent experiences. After my 1st session I finally had feelings of hope & knew I had come to the right person at this time in my life. I always felt improved energy, solidness/centeredness as well as new perspectives on how I view life.”  KP, Colorado, USA

“I wanted to address a number of issues at the time, .... a substantial increase in my bodyweight, poor digestive problems, excessive appetite, IBS, sinus problems, leg weakness, anxiety and other emotional feelings…… My life has shifted significantly in that my weight has decreased .... my digestive system is lighter and easier, my appetite is not so compulsive and a reduction in my anxiety levels. I really look forward to having my sessions with him as his deeper understanding of anatomy, physiology, traditional Chinese medicine and philosophy really brings the needed issues to light. He is an inspiration as a practitioner .... Thank you Kaími!!!”  EW South Africa

“My 8-year old cat, Sunny, suddenly became seriously ill. He was not able to defecate, and it was difficult for him to urinate. Then, he started limping and dragging his right rear leg. He needed attention fast. Sunny went from sad to glad after one session with Ka'imi. The very next day, my cat had a bowel movement and urinated without difficulty. His ability to walk showed some improvement….. Now he runs around our house with his tail flying high. Thank you Ka'imi.”   JG

“It's been a privilege for me to have Dr. Ka'imi as both my practitioner and teacher. He helped keep me balanced mentally, physically, emotionally and I feel refreshed after every session. ...... He truly is a great practitioner and teacher. Thank you Dr. Ka'imi for sharing your wisdom :)” ~KA Toronto, Canada

“I am glowing and flowing in all aspects of life!  I learned to value myself …. I spread my wings … I am passionate about it and really want to share this GIFT with the world! I realized my dream to teach energy medicine…..I am rearing to go ! Thank You Sarah and Ka’Imi” Una O Rourke, Instructor Training Course, Ireland

“I cannot convey enough the gratitude that I feel for Ka’imi and Sarah for the created if and their dedication to Accunect. Immediately I could feel a huge different in the energy being exchanged. After each balancing, I felt really grounded and had the sensation of “dropping down” into the present. I also get an expansion in my breathing almost as if I was being “breathed”.  The teachings and processes are very usable and immediately. An ocean of gratitude to you both!” Catherine Jones/ Ashland OR. USA

"Thanks Sarah for the wonderful gift of Accunect. …… it's just magical! Keep up the fantastic work:) x"  Aine Ryan, Limerick Ireland

“..the sessions were great, as usual” Sylvie d’Hondt, France

“My 3 year old son had suffered from chronic, painful constipation ……. his bowel movements became regular, easy and pain-free."   Natalie Raike, Hawaii

“...the session was quite amazing, as is Ka’imi.” Lana Heller, CO, USA


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