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“I really enjoyed Kaimi’s classes.  He has a great ability to hold the space for deep opening and integration of the information he shares with students.  Kaimi’s teaching is profound, but accessible and simple which allows us to let go of our limitations on healing.  Awakening and transformational, an inspiring teacher.  Many thanks”  

Kelly Newman – naturopathic and ayurvedic practitioner and teacher

“When Ka’imi teaches, every level of my being listens. Ka’imi choreographs a pleasant dance between the simple and the complex, the understandable and the infinite…Thank you for expanding my horizons! “

Lisa Schiavone, Educator, Astrologer, Hypnotherapist and BodyTalk  Practitioner.  

“Ka’imi brings another level of fabulous...his knowledge of his own modalities bring all the information to us as students

in a clear and concise message.  I can’t wait to be on his TCM course.”

Angela MacDonald, CBP, Ontario

“Because of Ka’imi’s rich background and knowledge,

he has the ability to synthesize the material and deliver the essence of it in a clear and simple way”

Judy Caplin LMT, CBP, USA

“This learning experience has enhanced my understanding as a student and as a practitioner

and has subsequently helped my clients.”  


“Ka’imi presents the material easily and in an entertaining way! I am really glad to have attended his course.”  

Erika Rado, LMT,CBP, USA

“A clear perspective encompassing all aspects of matrixes, what they are, how they work and how to think about them. The gift of instruction is to uncomplicate the complex, demystify the unknown – you are a gifted instructor. Thank you.“  

Candace Bergenson Canada

“I can walk out of his classes and use the material right away.  Ka’imi has the ability to bring the material alive and dance

for me…..he’s the best instructor out there. Thanks for your gift of sharing your knowledge and experience.”   

Pat Sullivan, Seattle, USA

“Kaimi’s way of teaching a complex subject with ease was a pleasure to attend. It has simplified the way I

understand matrixes and I am sure the way I practice will be greatly enhanced.”   

Kym Haynes, Australia.

“Ka’imi Pilipovich is a magnificent communicator. Hugely knowledgeable, intelligent and witty…. he is a mesmerizing teacher! A real privilege of an experience!  A totally amazing human being”’   

Roberto Tome, South Africa

“Ka’imi is a superb instructor. His teaching reflects his love, respect and understanding…

and serves as a true inspiration to his students.  Thanks Ka’imi for sharing your wisdom.”  

Lisa Prentice, Canada

This course will change Your Life

Accunect is a consciousness shift and a healing modality.  It is a system that taps into the healing and transformational energy of the Zero Point Field or universal consciousness. Accunect bridges the gap between universal consciousness and our current state of being.  This connection creates rapid healing on all levels.

Anyone can learn the easy techniques in Accunect, using the simple framework to locate areas of imbalance that are causing disease, pain, emotional discomfort and spiritual disconnection.  When these are balanced, full health on all levels, mind, body and spirit, are restored. Healing happens when we connect to universal consciousness, which is our true nature, and bring awareness to areas of the body that need balancing.  

“Fantastic course! A truly holistic technique that teaches how to access and address the root causes of imbalance and disease. I will be able to use the technique in the office tomorrow and sense that it will profoundly change the effectiveness of my practice.”

          Andrea Cohen, MD, Holistic Neurologist


                                             Accunect® Connect  Keeping the U in Healthcare



“This course rocks! I was so impressed with the Accunect Foundations course. In 2-1/2 short days I learned a brand-new technique that is so easy to use, I can incorporate into my practice tomorrow! And, having practiced these techniques all weekend, I know for sure that they are powerful and can have a profound effect on the body without seeming too overwhelming. I am so grateful to Ka’imi and Sarah for developing this system. It is pure genius”

           Jeannie Elmstrom, L.Ac

Why Accunect?  Accunect means: Acc comes from Chinese Medicine Wisdom (and other ancient systems), U for "you", and nect for connection to your client, to universal consciousness, and to the power of transformational healing and alchemy.

The functioning of your body is affected by stress of all kinds.  When stress from accidents, injuries, emotional trauma and toxins affect the nervous system and the biochemistry of the body, correct functioning is compromised and disease follows.  Accunect helps you find the keys to unlock your clients’ healing ability and to address their areas of stress, whether physical, mental or spiritual. This allows the nervous system and biochemistry of the body to resume normal function so healing can take place.  

When the nervous system and biochemistry of the body are balanced, people can heal from these conditions and more:

Learn powerful energy balancing in one weekend with Accunect.  

In the course you will learn to use your intuition, muscle-checking, and a visual health map to observe the potential for change and healing. You’ll learn how quantum physics, traditional medicine theory and sacred geometry combine to create the potential for instant transformation. You’ll also learn how to:

Accunect  is the connection to the Zero Point Field where we are all connected, where healing happens and all possibilities occur.  Accunect gives you a framework to find the unique keys to unlock healing in your client.  Accunect is incredibly easy to learn. It is a simple and reliable method to access your intuitive healing abilities.  

See what others are saying:

“I found a new paradigm of health and healing this weekend. I became aware of my purpose and my essence. I’ve done lots of work in this area so this is a quantum leap in my personal and professional development. Simple to lean, fun to practice, transformational shifts in every single balancing.”

LW, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Canada

“I would like to thank Kaimi and Sarah for developing this course. This is the course I was looking for, a way forward in working with energy medicine. I t has been very encouraging to be here and feel that work does not have to be hard and that I get it and I can do it.  Thanks for showing us the path and giving us the vision, hope and really big shifts in the course.  It’s great in life and for practice.”

Lida McCool , Massage Therapist, Sydney NSW

“I have taken many course …… This Accunect Connect Course I just cant thank Ka’imi  and Sarah enough for.  Its helped to raise my level of understanding and helped to throw light on overcoming some “right brain” blocks – simply and effectively.  For the first time – in a long time- I feel truly whole and connected in the head and heart!”      Dianne Udy  Energy Practitioner NZ

“Accunect is an amazing system! With it’s simplicity it allows for incredible shifts and changes, holding the space for miracles to happen. It will easily infuse into my practice immediately.”

Jen Zitkov, L.Ac., USA

“I’ve been astounded at how my practice has changed after transitioning to Accunect as my primary modality, and how my patients have responded so positively. I really appreciate the energy that Ka’imi and Sarah have put into both the course and the modality – they have created a profoundly beneficial system that allows people to move forward in their life!’”

        J.E. Energy Medicine LA

“This approach is the perfect synthesis of the ancient and modern techniques and philosophies that work and keep working and keep growing as we all move faster and faster into our personal and cultural evolution.”

Diana Gard, Systems Programmer, CBP, USA

“I feel Accunect can be easily understood by anyone and can be done to help the vast majority of people.”

         Angie Wilder, CBP, USA

“Ka’imi and Sarah - you are awesome.  Accunect fulfils the message of simplicity oneness and healing – I will use this with my friends, family and clients who wish to utilize this simple but amazing system.  Namaste!! “

            P.L.  Energy Medicine Practitioner

“Thank you Kaimi and Sarah for being who you are and being open and courageous enough to take the steps on your paths. Allowing this work to be birthed and used immediately. My Gratitude and Thanks,”

“Loving the new Energy! Thank you Sarah and Kaimi”.

              NP Auckland NZ

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Accunect Connect is Friday Evening and Saturday and Sunday

Cost is $540 US with Early registration, full price is $594 US - prices vary outside USA

Accunect Zoom is three full days Friday - Sunday

Cost is $738 US with Early registration, full price is $819 US - prices vary outside USA

“What an absolute treat it was to experience Ka'imi in his element, where his deep understanding and wisdom of Chinese Medicine shone through in a casual user-friendly manner! There is no way you can walk out of there without a humble appreciation of the connection from thousands of years ago to what we are doing in BodyTalk today!! Do not miss this course!!”  Beverly Lutz.

Clients present with multiple symptoms that appear unrelated; from a Chinese Medicine perspective, these symptoms can result from a single imbalance. This insight alone can be a treatment in and of itself.

This course will give you a deeper understanding of every session.  What you learn in this course will increase your clarity of observation and dramatically increase your results. It will improve how you relate to your clients, refining your client communication and rapport.  

Included with this course is an insightful manual and extensive reference pages to use in clinic, so you have everything you need to start using the information straight away.

“TCM is a fascinating course and a must as soon as possible…. I wish it was around earlier! Well worth the trip over the ditch to NZ ……” Elaine Nivison, CBP, Australia

“After having taken Traditional Chinese Medicine with Ka’imi, I think it should be a core course ….. part of the regular curriculum.” CBI, IBA Forum

"This course really opened up a new world of BodyTalk for me. It all started making sense." Theanette Staal, CBP, South Africa

Ancient Wisdom - Chinese Medicine for Healthcare Practitioner’s

Ancient Wisdom, Modern Language.

"I have studied TCM many different times before but these three days were the most comprehensive and detailed information I have ever learned. While it is very informative, it is wonderfully applicable in treatments at the same time. Outstanding!"

Angelika Klotz  Adv CBP, New Zealand  





Learn ancient wisdom in just 3 days.  

This course will give you:

Calendar Store

Chinese Medicine is three full days

Cost is $738 US with Early registration, full price is $819 US - prices vary outside USA